Olivia Serrill

A History of Engagement


a history of engagement



A History of Engagement is a 50-ft long accordion book chronicling the history of the Portland Art Museum's Education Department.





The History of Engagement is an unfolding archive that chronicles the history of the work done by the Education Department of the Portland Art Museum. This timeline is solely drawn from uncatalogued archives housed in the Portland Art Museum’s Crumpacker Family Library. This unfolding archive spanning just under 50 feet long took over 5 months to complete and features over 200 illustrations which highlight events of the museum's long history, dating back to 1892. 

The book was displayed in the museum on June 6th, 2014, on the night of Shine A Light, the museum's biggest event of the year.


Edited by: Jen Delos Reyes
Written by: Sarah Lampen
Designed and Illustrated by: Olivia Serrill






This Scout Book was created in September 2017 to commemorate the Museum's 125th Anniversary, and contains 3 additional years of the Museum's history. The Portland Art Museum envisions this document as a living record that will evolve along with the institution and its community as it writes its history of engagement and shapes its future. 

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