Olivia Serrill

Artists and Their Favorite Songs of All Time


artists and their favorite songs of all time






I contacted over 400 artists via email in May 2014, hearing back from 194 of them. I asked them one question, "What is your favorite song of all time?" Almost an impossible question to ask, let alone answer, I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from some of my favorite artists including Daniel Eatock, Stefan Sagmeister, Ed Templeton, Liza Lou, Adam JK, Susan O'Malley, and Jessica Hische among many, many extraordinary others. 

195 artists, including myself, from all different backgrounds and disciplines make up this giant golden screen print. The songs range from Beethoven to Rites of Spring, and every artist is uniquely and genuinely portrayed by their song choice. The massive wall of text is at once simple and incredibly complex and detailed. To each individual, each song holds different meaning and significance. Something as personal as a song will, I hope, bring more joy and happiness to this sometimes cynical world of art. 

My piece lives in the office of Kate Bingaman-Burt

My piece lives in the office of Kate Bingaman-Burt