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This is an Instagram-based project under the hashtag #100daysofbeinghonest, in conjunction with The Great Discontent's #The100DayProject. Through a combination of typography, photography, and painting—the only rule for this self-imposed project is honesty. The goal was simply to quickly create little visual representations of an idea.

#100daysofbeinghonest is about revealing inner thoughts, feelings, and insecurities, while questioning and poking fun at the things we do on social media and in real life.

P.S. This project was not done in 100 consecutive days because I failed at that. I'm also still on day 96. #everydayofbeinghonest


Day 1 of the #100daysofmaking project initiated by @greatdiscontent. My project is #100daysofbeinghonest where I will be talking about and painting honest thoughts of the day.

Day 3. Today I am thinking about how everything is connected and how one thing always leads to another............. Just kidding! Today I am faking it and I just made that up! I am tired. But I cannot lie!

Day 5. "If I Say It's Art, Then It's Art" This is a paper towel. 

Day 8. A self-awarded achievement. 

Day 9. In my senior capstone class we drew pictures of our brains. This is version two of mine. Mine's kind of like a stew. It would be difficult to try to separate the parts.

Day 10. I am not "chill."

Day 12. Pep talk. For this project I think it will be fun to illustrate iPhone notes that I've saved. This ones from November 30th, 2014. 

Day 17. Tiny patterns make one big habit. 

Day 15. And I still took the time to make this word painting about it. 

Day 19. Instagram: The world of endless personal advertisements.

Day 23. Staying comfortable. ...oh and uh, not me but this other guy who's not a real person. 

Day 25. True or false? This is an ugly painting that I literally put no effort into. 

Day 26. I don't want to be cool. 

Day 28. 

Day 30. No honey, if something perfect comes up, you don't find the answer in the reject pile. I'm about to make my own job selling honesty. Yeehaw. YEEEEEEEHAAAAWWWW. 

Day 30. No honey, if something perfect comes up, you don't find the answer in the reject pile. I'm about to make my own job selling honesty. Yeehaw. YEEEEEEEHAAAAWWWW. 

Day 31. I'm about to have a great idea. 

Day 33. I was driving yesterday and I saw a cute guy and a cute girl in a geo metro driving in front of me. We were stopped at a red light and they were facing each other, talking and laughing as if nothing else in the world mattered. They completely filled that geo metro, both physically and emotionally. It was beautiful and simple.

Day 34. True story from 8th grade biology.

Day 35. I Too Am A Specialist. 
About a month ago I had an appointment to see a specialist doctor regarding this pain that has been pretty persistent in my right arm. He basically told me I need to sit up straight, and see a physical therapist. The appointment lasted all but maybe 12 minutes. My bill came today and it's $303.17. So now, I'm selling this painting, that I also spent 12 minutes on, for $303.17. I'll frame it for you if you want it. 

Day 37. Easy breezy beautiful covergirl. 

Day 49. Last night I had a dream that I wrote a really long and thoughtful fan letter to @beyonce. She wrote back to my letter with a very long and equally as thoughtful email, which surprised me because she's, you know, Beyoncé. In my dream I didn't think it was that important though because I didn't even read past the first two lines. Guess I was busy or something. 

Day 55. Because everything, when properly arranged and orchestrated, will eventually fall into its proper place and make sense.

Day 59. And I just want it to be something you will never forget. 

Day 61. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The more things you have the more you have to worry about. It's simple logic really. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then there's no excuse to not vacuum your house.

Day 64. This is my favorite compliment I've ever received. 

Day 67. Guilty. I have not been in the art mood lately. In fact I keep avoiding my desk... It's not like my creativity isn't there I've just been having a hard time accessing it I guess. Too much has been in the way but now that I'm done with French class I feel like I can get back into it. We'll see if I ever do finish this thing... 

Day 71. Today I discovered that Apple updated the note app so you can draw in it! Cool! I call this one "How Many Times I Scrolled Through Instagram Today" 

Day 72. Late night neon light string experimenting in my bathroom. 

Day 73. This actually looks kinda nice now. But sometimes you have to scrap an idea.

Day 76. A little weird about posting this because I'm not sure how it will be taken but oh well! Another illustrated iPhone note "pep talk" to myself from February.

Day 77. Mario and Luigi. 

Day 78. I really do intend to finish this project but for me it's hard because ☝🏻☝🏼☝🏽☝🏾☝🏿

Day 84. A poem about the cloud. #iCloud #apple

Day 86. Celebrity crushes are not wise.

Day 89. As soon as my Instagram gets to be too trendy, I want to just ruin it. Lol. Current conversation... 

Day 90. Social situations. 

Day 91. A journal entry that made me lol looking back on it because it's just so accurate.....

Day 92. These are some fake names and logos I made up for fake hipster/"bespoke" brands. Notice the formula works best when one of the parts is only one syllable.

Day 95. Trust.