Olivia Serrill

ReClaim It





Branding proposal for ReClaim It, a non-profit supply store in Portland, OR.





The Challenge: Propose an entirely new identity for ReClaim It—a non-profit organization in Portland that curates a store of materials salvaged from landfills and businesses in the Portland area for recycling, reimagining, and reusing. 

The Solution: Design for their target audience of young, urban DIY'ers looking for interesting materials to use for art and home improvement projects, and more. The interchangeable logo system is flexible and appropriate for a store that is constantly replenished with different, unexpected products. In keeping an environmental and sustainable practice in mind, this system uses stamps on anything from paper to cardboard, and incorporates handwriting when appropriate—cutting down on printing costs while consciously maintaining brand integrity.





Mood boards establish the look and feel of the typography, logo, color palette. I also included ways to creatively implement the branding into store packaging and labeling, as well as ideas for the store environment.


In addition to creating mood boards, I also wanted to think about the kinds of artists that would potentially shop at ReClaim It, since artists and DIY'ers were a target audience. Imagining the kind of work that one would create using found items at ReClaim It helped to inform the design decisions I made later on. 





Preliminary logo studies


logo + Brand elements + Deliverables


final logos.jpg